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Sashi the Scared Little Sheltie:  Sashi chases everything that moves - exactly what a Herding Dog should do. Her original owners don't understand and don't want her any longer. She suddenly finds herself at a shelter - very scared and alone. She is helped by Sheltie Rescue and adopted into a "forever home", where she is loved and trained to be the awesome dog she was meant to be.

Sashi Adopts a Brother:  Sashi is confident, loved and happy in her home. Her family is now fostering for Sheltie Rescue. All the fosters teach her something new, but one in particular will be both a challenge and earn a very special place in Sashi's heart.

Sashi and the Puppy Mill Girl:  A new foster comes to Sashi's home and Sashi can tell right away that this dog is different compared to all the others.  Cinnamon has come from a "puppy mill' and is very afraid of people. Sashi and her brother help their new friend learn how to be a trusting pet so she can be adopted into a loving forever home.

Books purchased directly from the author are autographed and pawstamped (Yes - Sashi autographs as well).  When placing your order, be sure to include the name(s) of the book recipient, i.e.,  "To Mary";  "To Mary, Joel and Karen". A personal message will also be included.  Books have the Mom's Choice Awards Gold Seal affixed to the front. 

You can also purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and various retailers via the web.  These are sent from a warehouse and are not autographed/personalized and do not have award seal(s).

Donations are made to the Shetland Sheepdog Placement Services of NJ as follows:

  • Books purchased from author = $3.00 / book
  • Books from other vendors (i.e., Amazon, Barnes & Noble)  = $2.00 / book  

Rescues can contact to purchase books at a discounted price for use in their own fundraising events. Shipping costs covered by the author.